Why Arborist wood chips?


Wood chips have been found to be one of the best options in terms of moisture retention, temperature moderation, weed control, and sustainability. They are one of the best choices for mulching trees and shrubs. They make excellent ground cover for dirt areas, driveways, and many other applications.

what's it made of?


Arborist wood chips include bark, wood, and often leaves. They vary in size and composition, from load to load. They are not treated with chemicals, or dyes. Your load can include Oak, Pine, Maple, Hickory, Cedar, etc. We try to limit any Palm material to 5% or less of the total load. 

how long will it last?


Wood chips decompose slowly, and continuously supply nutrients slowly to the system. They absorb significant amounts of water that is slowly released to the soil. The finer pieces will decompose more quickly than the larger pieces, but you can generally expect your chips to last several years. If you ever need more, simply call to request additional loads.

how big is the load?


Loads can vary in size, but you should expect as much as 13 cubic yards. This is the approximate equivalent to 180 bags of mulch. Depending on the density of the wood that comprises the load, it could weigh up to 5 tons. THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR A SMALL GARDEN AREA! Driveways, parking areas, playgrounds, and leveling low areas are some popular applications for this product.

when will i get a delivery?


Every single workday, we have free wood chips to give away. We take the chips to the closest requested location to our jobsite that day. There is no set time frame, but the more centrally located to the urban and residential areas you are, the sooner your turn is likely to come up. Far flung locations can only be delivered when we are working in your proximity. 

let's get ready to mulch


Simply use the Contact Us form, or call, text, or email (Rodney@clearcuttreeservice.com). Please include your name, best contact number, and address where you'd like it delivered. A brief description of where on the property you'd like it offloaded is also helpful. 

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